Siebren Miedema

Dr. Siebren Miedema

Professor in Educational Foundations and Religious Education

The Hague Area, Netherlands

Siebren Miedema (1949) is Professor in Educational Foundations in the Department  Research and Theory in Education of the Faculty of Psychology and Education, and Professor in Religious Education in the Department of Praxis of the Faculty of Theology, VU University Amsterdam.

He has a degree in Education (Philosophy and History of Education) from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (Bachelor and Master cum laude, 1979) and a degree in Philosophy (Philosophy of the Social Sciences) from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (Bachelor and Master with much distinction, 1983). He received his PhD in Social Sciences from Leiden University in 1986.

He is the editor/author of 52 books and has published (got accepted for publication) 331 academic articles and chapters, next to 187 professional articles and 40 newspaper articles both nationally and internationally in Dutch, English, German, French, Turkish, Japanese and Swedish. He gave 307 lectures, presentations and addresses mostly on invitation. He gave or was extensively mentioned in 181 interviews or articles in newspapers and professional journals, and performed 10 times on radio and television.